Sunday, October 31, 2010

two fairies, a good witch, and Cleopatra

On Halloween, the girls spent the better part of the afternoon decorating our yard for Halloween. We already had some spooky ghouls, spider webs, and pumpkins out, but they wanted more and they did it for the most part all on their own. Julia added a sign post with directions to the "White ghost yard", the "skull yard", the "vampire yard" and other scary places. Perhaps the best one though was the poor scooter flung haphazardly on its side, buried with leaves. The girls are standing in front of a sign that tells of the "Legend of the bad crash of the scooter: 200 years ago thear was a famos scoter rider that was riding a scoter in a grave yard then a ghost showd up and made a huge crash hapen then the famos scoter rider was killed." R.I.P. scooter rider.

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