Monday, February 15, 2010


Some favorite Proper Nouns in Audrey-Speak:

"Chicky" = Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's dog Tiki

"Buddy" = Woody from Toy Story

"Blue Tomato" = the Blue tango, which is Grandpa Jay's favorite ballroom routine to perform with any willing grandchild. Audrey is a fan.

I'll add more when I think of them

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Natalie's Blessing Day

Today was Natalie's blessing. I (Karen) got to dress Natalie up for the first time. Before the blessing, I usually just take my babies to church in whatever sleeper they are wearing for the sake of convenience and less laundry. However, on blessing day, I love getting them in their white dresses, tights, and cute shoes for the first time in their lives. It's like a rite of passage almost as much as the blessing. (Notice Julia behind me taking the picture by remote. It was the only way we could get her to appear in the photo)