Monday, September 27, 2010

Kamikaze Barbie

Our ward had a pinewood derby race the other night. The normal height and weight restrictions were lifted for this activity because they wanted to encourage creative entries. So, for family home evening last week, we all got pieces of paper and sketched several different ideas. There were some very interesting ideas for different cars including a toilet car as well as several different kinds of food cars. However, the winning design was the barbie car in the pictures. She wasn't very fast but then again she wasn't really built for speed. The winning car was a block of wood straight out of the box with some rocks taped to it. The "builder" of that car said that he used "Physics and stuff" in the construction process. Even though we didn't win the race, we had a good time.


Audrey and Julia spent a couple of very happy hours yesterday playing doctor. This morning while cleaning, we found the following record of their adventure:

Patient's Name__________________Anistasia
Phone Number____________________540-67
Last Name_______________________Herbert
Eye Color_______________________Blue
Doctor__________________________Dr. Dawn
Tongue Hole_____________________1/1
Eye Stuff_______________________Blind
Hair Color______________________Blonde
Chest Growth____________________None
Scout___________________________White Dots
Middle Name_____________________Min

So, aside from blindness and the lack of chest growth, our patients seem to be healthy.