Monday, March 8, 2010


We reached a major milestone today in our big project. The carpet guy installed the carpet out in our music room which completes the room. I did a couple of fist pumps and then brought the girls out to check it out. They liked the room quite a bit because there is no furniture in it yet so they've turned it into their very own dance hall/race track. It was fun to see them having a good time in the new room but my enthusiasm waned a bit when I looked over just in time to see Audrey wiping her bare bum along the new carpet. The carpet was also christened by Maisy moments later by all of slobber failing from her mouth due to the fact that the ceiling fan was on. A few months ago, I teased Maisy by putting one of her toys on the ceiling fan and then turning it on. Ever since then, if she sees a fan on, she assumes that one of her toys is on it and she will sit or stand under it for hours, staring with crazy eyes and breathing so loudly that you have to almost yell to hear over all of noise. So, the new carpet is no longer pristine but I'm still a happy camper. Special thanks to Dad who offered some expert tile help. I'll be adding a murphy bed in the coming months and the space will also have a full bathroom which should be completed in a month or so. So, family and friends, Hotel Johnson is now accepting reservations!